Our priority is providing our customers an affordable risk management tool, unparalleled in service, quality and efficiency.

Placing an Order
Everything starts by you picking up the phone and requesting prices and service. Keep in mind that each area will have different operating structure as their respective markets drive and dictate how a bin is priced out or what the actual price is for service. Your information is then inputted into a customer database, saved and a drop ticket is created for the driver. We provide a 24hr turn-around when called in for a service, 911 services are also available.

Delivery of a concrete washout bin
Once our drivers receive an order from their dispatch, they pick up a clean bin from the yard and deliver it to your jobsite. The drivers are very diligent in their efforts to place the bins in areas that the customer request. However, there are some regulatory restrictions in some areas that will prevent them from placing it near a drain inlet or near a waterway or other protected area.

Some of our bins have ramps to accommodate and enable concrete pump trucks to washout their hoppers on the jobsite (Please ask for the ramped bin when placing an order). Keep in mind that there are numerous factors that may affect the ability of the pump to properly back up onto the ramps. The most critical factor is location and our drivers are trained to select the best location for placing the bin; taking in the customers, environmental and topographical considerations.

Vacuum Service
Once you begin pouring concrete you will find that the bin will begin to fill up with both concrete material and concrete washwater. The washwater may not have been something you have dealt with in the past using other systems or services. Our partners are essentially dealing with two different source separated waste streams; concrete and washwater. A need may arise to have the washwater vacuumed from the bin to increase holding capacity and to ensure compliance and eliminate any discharge of material.

Upon your call We will dispatch personnel to your jobsite to vacuum the washwater from the bin, providing you with more holding capacity. Once you reach a point where the material and washwater is near 3/4 full, it is now time to re-contact us to have the full bin replaced with a new one.

Pick up of Concrete Washout Of Arizona Bin
Most of our roll-off trucks are equipped with a vacuum system that enables us to dispatch only one truck to your jobsite for a removal and replacement. They will drop the new bin on your jobsite (if needed), vacuum out the remaining washwater from the full bin and then haul it away. No matter if they drop a new bin on your site or not, our drivers will leave your site clean with no impact on your operations whatsoever.

Finishing the Job Right
Once the bin is taken from your jobsite, our job is not finished. Our drivers then transport the concrete material in the bin to a concrete crushing and recycling yard (or equivalent). The recycling yard accepts this material without any hesitation or problems, since it is source separated and not contaminated with other materials such as hay, plastic or dirt. The concrete material is then crushed and used for various application in the construction industry.

Our drivers then take the empty bin to the yard where it is thoroughly cleaned and placed back into operation on another site. The concrete washwater they have is then recycled using our recycling system or recycled in an environmentally friendly and regulatory acceptable manner.
Making Arizona Greener. We have a technology that has not been seen in the Phoenix market. The industry and regulatory professionals that we have spoken with are very receptive of the new service we will be introducing and are excited to finally have a solution to a problem that has been plaguing the industry for years. Our initial focus will be within the greater metro area of Phoenix and have high expectations for growth with the tremendous reception we have received.

Steve Wadkins, President of Concrete Washout of Arizona, Inc.