There are several factors that can and will have an affect on the performance of our bin and proper placement on the jobsite and maintaining the approach to the box are the most critical. The ground must be level or if a sloped placement is necessary, the ramps must be pointing down the slope, not up. We have found this to be the most critical issue. The jobsite superintendent must monitor and maintain the area surrounding the bin, especially the approach. The bin and approach to the bin should be checked towards the end of every pour to make sure the approach has not been compromised to the point where the concrete pump will have difficulty backing up or onto the bin. If the ramps are dug into the ground some pumps will have difficulty backing up on the bin. Usually, with little effort, the approach can be re-graded thereby allowing the pump to access the bin.

We have addressed the problem of some pumps not being able to back up onto the bin by providing ramp extensions, re-designing the bin by reducing the ramp angle which created some extra space between hoppers and the ramps and created a wheel stop.

If your pumps are having difficulty backing on to the bin, please inform our distributor or the jobsite superintendent of the need for ramp extensions. If you don’t ask, they won’t know you are having problems.

If proper housekeeping measures aren’t employed on jobsites it may have a direct impact on the effectiveness of any BMP no matter what system or method is used to control concrete washout material and washwater. While it may be the responsibility of the jobsite to provide washout areas, ultimately it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure they are properly washing out in an area or system that eliminates the possibility of any illegal discharge from the jobsites.